Life’s Challenges!


'Thanks RiverDoc'sED!'

‘Thanks RiverDoc’sED!’

As always it is a pleasure and a privilege to head to the Riverland in Rural South Australia – in particular Berri on this occasion.   Thanks for having me!

I am here to share my expertise in service, standards and the importance of all members of any business ‘getting’ that this is important and essential for business success - listening and learning from our customers; ensuring we meet needs;  thinking outside the square when thinking about the service we provide for our communities.

As part of my ‘on the ground’ research I checked out the service of the RiverDoc’sED!  One broken ankle – in two places and one sprained ankle!  Life’s challenge is crutches right now!  RiverDoc’sED and the Berri Community have offered and supported me (in my hour of need) with first class care and attention all the way.

Tonight is to be shared with a team of 50 people from various businesses in the Riverland.  The Berri Resort Hotel is hosting this event with again, exceptional service and attention to detail, led by Chelsea and her team.  Looking forward to sharing an evening with humour (this is a given with a broken ankle!) and learning together with great people.  I’m excited!