Further Education – so much to learn, so little time!


Through a long association of 16 years with the University of New England Partnerships (UNEP) I have never lost sight of the privilege of meeting, working and supporting great people to reach their further education study goal. Struggles with learning, often relate to simply not knowing where to start. ‘I haven’t studied since I was at school’ or ‘I thought this would be easier than it is’ are some of the conversations I share with others around commitment and study.

I recall being told many years ago, ‘nothing worthwhile is ever easy, you need to do the work to gain the reward.’ Could this have been shared with me by some of my very wise mentors perhaps? Ongoing professional development needs support and understanding from others – educators, assessors, family, friends, work colleagues and more. With great support, empathy and care, the greatest reward can be success. As I continue to study myself – I absolutely ‘get’ that we all get pretty busy when trying to juggle everything life has to offer. It is good to know you are not alone. If your place in the world, right here and right now, is working hard to educate yourself, commit the time that is required to succeed, you will never regret it!